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Ageing well in the right place

How would you like to live when you get older? What makes you feel at home in the place where you live? The HOUSE research project works to tackle these questions.

We are all getting older. We not only age in our homes, but also in our neighbourhoods, and as members of society. Ageing is one of the most important global challenges, and as such, it inevitably impacts the housing sector and housing policy. Research shows that older people spend about 80% of their time at home, and that for 40% of them these homes have become unsuitable. Currently, the number of options for possible housing concepts is rather limited, and these do not respond to the large, heterogeneous group of older people, where each is an individual with their own preferences, possibilities and limitations.

For these reasons, the HOUSE project is conducting research into innovative housing concepts for current and future older people: we aim to positively influence their subjective wellbeing. Subjective wellbeing is defined as what a person feels and thinks that makes his or her life desirable regardless of how others see it. Within the HOUSE project we therefore do not speak of ‘ageing in place‘, but of ‘ageing well in the right place‘.

On this website you can learn more about the work we do at HOUSE. This Strategic Basic Research (SBO) was made possible by FWO.

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